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As an independent self-published author, the most common question people contact me with after they have finished writing their book, is “Where can I learn how to Self-Publish my book?”

Free Birds Author Services was created to enable you to launch and market your book with grace and flow. I have supplied a service in editing, and proofreading, for both books and guided meditations. So after you have completed your story or guided meditation to the best of your ability, to a point where you believe it is ready to publish and release to the world, you then let me know about it. For a set rate and an agreed quotation, I will review, edit or proofread your work and give you concise and effective feedback. After you have made your changes at your discretion, you will have the confidence to publish your work.

“I’ve had my book edited and proofread by Free Birds Author Services. What’s the next step?”

You are already well on your way to publishing your book – the fact that you have even decided to research what is next is the indication to me that you are self-led, serious, ambitious, and capable. But interestingly, I can’t just tell you to figure it out with the many free resources online! There are free resources, there are websites, and tutorials, and emails from larger companies. But what you’ll be missing is the personal conversation with someone who has published independently, who has worked in the industry for years, and has a proven exceptional background in writing and marketing for an international audience, utilising the services of legal, translators, print-houses, production and print, to name a few.

With each and every book you engage with me to proofread and/or edit, I will be there with you for personal conversations, phone calls, and tips on what I found worked in my situation, across the full spectrum of DIY book publishing shown below. This is included as a complementary, and complimentary, part of my service to you.

In addition, I will provide you with the marketing services you require if you do not have the know-how or skills or time. This includes elements such as:-

  • author and book brand
  • cover art
  • typesetting
  • file submissions
  • book registrations
  • print quotations
  • distribution research and quotations
  • website creation
  • social media accounts
  • key marketing message
  • target market profiling
  • customer acquisition strategies,
  • customer loyalty programs
  • affiliate book marketing
  • templates for your emails, promotional cards, social media accounts, and so on.

This is a powerful service for people who are likely to say, “I have no idea how to do those kinds of things” or “That really doesn’t interest me” or “I’m so busy with work and the family, I just need to pay someone else to get it all done.”

Marketing services are billable on an hourly rate per my quotation to you, depending on your needs. To discuss these needs please phone 0402 505 210 (Australia) or +61 402 505 210 (International) or Email: Joanna Becker – Free Birds Author Services

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