Free Birds Author Services offers writing services for a diverse assortment of publications for your business brand, including:

  • Business documents, progress reports, meeting minutes, financial position reports, campaign results reports, case studies, performance review files, feasibility studies and more. Simply forward us the reference materials, voice memos, excel files, emails, and allow us to put your documents together for you ahead of your meetings.
  • Books – adult fiction, non-fiction, factual, spiritual, autobiographies, teenage and children fiction & non-fiction, and illustrated children’s stories. We ask you to credit our service in your publication fine print.
  • Marketing materials – websites, web pages, download PDF & ebooks, auto-responder emails and drip campaigns, blogs, online advertisements, SEO-responsive landing pages, email and lead-data capture forms, telemarketing scripts, direct mail campaigns, brochures, signage, tv advertising scripts, public relation pitches, event flyers, press releases, and more. Simply brief us with your brand, goals, and provide necessary business/product/campaign specifics and we’ll provide you with 2 drafts and print-ready (or web-ready) production files.
  • Translation of any written content into languages other than English including typesetting : desktop publishing directly into print-ready (or web-ready) production files. Please provide your final English copy and we will return the professionally translated edition.

If you already have your material written, please email PDF of print ready files to Free Birds for eye-for-detail Proofreading, or editing.

In addition, we will provide you with the marketing services you require if you do not have the know-how or skills or time. This includes elements such as:-

  • author and book brand
  • cover art
  • typesetting
  • file submissions
  • book registrations
  • print quotations
  • distribution research and quotations
  • website creation
  • social media accounts
  • key marketing message
  • target market profiling
  • customer acquisition strategies,
  • customer loyalty programs
  • affiliate book marketing
  • templates for your emails, promotional cards, social media accounts, and so on.

This is a powerful service for people who are likely to say, “I have no idea how to do those kinds of things” or “That really doesn’t interest me” or “I’m so busy with work and the family, I just need to pay someone else to get it all done.”

Marketing services are billable on an hourly rate per my quotation to you, depending on your needs. To discuss these needs please phone 0402 505 210 (Australia) or +61 402 505 210 (International) or Email: Joanna Becker – Free Birds Author Services

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