Pursuing Your Important Life Purpose With Confidence

Archangel Gabrielle said: You have an important life purpose involving communication and the arts. Please don’t allow insecurities to hold you back. I will help you. I am with you as one of your guardian angels. You may wonder why an archangel is with you. I help many people simultaneously, and you are among them. I help those whose life purpose is in the arts or communication. I will help you polish and trust in your natural talents. Then I will open doors for you to express those talents in a way that will help others. What I need from you in return is honesty and cooperation. Tell me about your fears, your hopes, your confusion, your insecurities, and your dreams. Ask me to help you. And then, please walk through the doors of opportunity that I open for you. I am on your side completely! My function is to be your coach, and as such, I may prod you along. Please know that I am only pushing you because I know that you need a little boost from above. (Source: Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy)

In the week I officially registered and publicised this service, Free Birds Author Services, Archangel Gabrielle made her presence well known to me. She arrived and committed to assisting both me and my author clients in their particular communication intentions.

  1. Please take the necessary moments to recognise when Archangel Gabrielle is with you and enjoy her company. You can call on her at any given moment, to assist you in creating fluidity and loving intention in all of your writing work.
  2. You are reminded that you will be sufficiently provided and cared for by the network of angels Archangel Gabrielle is with. You do not need to hold back from your writing projects on account of matters of insecurity or strain.
  3. Please call on Archangel Gabrielle as soon as you hear a limiting belief or thought come through your mind or exit your mouth. Archangel Gabrielle assists in adjusting circumstances in your favour, to allow you to share your important, world-improving, messages.

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