Proofreading or Editing: Which Service Do I Need?

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

The terms ‘proofreading’ and ‘editing’ are sometimes used interchangeably, but in fact there are important differences between the two.

Proofreading focuses on correcting superficial errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and formatting. Therefore, it normally occurs at the end of the writing process as a final step before submitting a book which is otherwise ready to be self-published.

On the other hand, editing takes a deeper look at how information, the storyline, characters and ideas are presented. While editing can also include all steps involved in proofreading, the focus in editing is on making changes that make the plot easier to understand, the locations and timeframes of the book’s setting better organized, and more suitable for the audience. Because editing is an essential part of formulating a book, it can occur during the writing process as well as at the end, before self-publishing.

Proofreading or Editing: Which Service Do I Need?

New authors and DIY Self-Publishers often believe that they only need to read their own work before self-publishing. However, in my experience, proofreading by yourself or by a friend is often not enough, and when I edit manuscripts I always find typo’s, syntax and grammar errors, as well as opportunities to give authors valuable suggestions for better structure and reading ease.

Self-publishing a book that is not only error-free, but is also clear and understandable, is essential to making sales and generating positive Word-of-Mouth. By DIY proofreading yourself, alone, you miss out on my eye for detail. This means you potentially miss out on an improved reputation for your book, as well as your flawless brand as an independent self-published author.

Thankfully, my professional background has equipped me with a sensational eye for detail that surprises most clients who believe their work is 100% error-free. I have found that there is always room for improvement, and am convinced that authors should have their papers checked, edited and proofread before launching and marketing.

To cater for all budgets, Free Birds Author Services can offer both editing and proofreading, as well as just proofreading or just editing – it’s up to you.

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