Proofreading of Guided Meditations and Creative Visualisations

Perhaps you are a DIY meditation publisher with a website offering your recordings? Perhaps you hold classes, or offer meditation therapy, and you would like to record a CD to give to your participants for their at-home practice? Would you like to professionalise your meditation recordings and offer your customers, clients and participants the most fulfilling, experience imaginable?

Joanna Becker was trained by the Australian College of Holistic Studies to teach meditation and guide the creative visualisations that truly give freedom, healing and sanctuary to the participants. Through an 18 month course she learned the most effective way of relaxing, engaging and preparing the participant for a deeply relaxing and meaningful practice – whether it be by basic relaxation and mindfulness, creative journeying, or out-of-body experiences.

Join Joanna Becker in an outcome that your participants will love and want to come back for more of. Set yourself apart as an expert and leader and a voice your clients simply want to hear more of, and an experience they want to connect with on more occasions.

In this service, you can upload your meditation recording to your Dropbox or Google Drive, and let Joanna know about it below. For just $40 per 15 minutes recording, she will edit and proofread and improve the flow, structure, and effectiveness of your beautiful work, with care and courtesy to your unique voice and creativity. She will return the recording to you as a word document with a new suggested script to read from, which you can then simply re-record and upload straight to your website or have produced into a CD.

Your quote will be emailed to you. When you accept the quote, I will begin the agreed service. Following completion, I will email you an invoice with a 7-day account, which can be paid by credit card, PayPal or direct deposit easily using a secure online payment processing server.

To call and discuss your needs within business hours: 0402 505 210 or email 24/7:

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