How To Submit?

Self-publishing a book that is not only error-free, but is also clear and understandable, is essential to making sales and generating positive Word-of-Mouth. By DIY proofreading yourself, alone, you miss out on my eye for detail. This means you potentially miss out on an improved reputation for your book, as well as your flawless brand as an independent self-published author.

Thankfully, my professional background has equipped me with a sensational eye for detail that surprises most clients who believe their work is 100% error-free. I have found that there is always room for improvement, and am convinced that authors should have their papers checked, edited and proofread before launching and marketing.

I would love to assist you with your DIY book publishing. Simply send me some more information on what your project is about and I will give you a free appraisal including my service charge. The most efficient way for you to do this is to:

  • upload your manuscript to Google Drive or Dropbox, then copy the link to this file, and paste it in the form below. I will then be able to request access and your permission to view it.
  • I have provided my email address below for you to email your file to me directly, if you prefer.
  • If you have printed your book as a hardcover or paperback, I will happily accept it by post and will proofread/edit directly onto the pages before returning it to you by post. Depending on the quality of work submitted, this may attract an additional fee of up to $20 per thousand words onto your quote.

These options offer safe and confidential ways to share your file with me. You can depend on me for keeping your manuscript private.

I will provide you with a quote based on my rates and an estimation of timeframe to complete the proofreading of your book manuscript.

Your quote will be emailed to you. When you accept the quote, I will begin the agreed service. Following completion, I will email you an invoice with a 7-day account, which can be paid by credit card, PayPal or direct deposit easily using a secure online payment processing server.

By accepting my quotation and engaging my services, you understand and agree that I will perform a thorough and comprehensive review and make recommendations for changes to your book, which you are at liberty to accept or refuse at your private discretion. Due to the nature of this work, it is not guaranteed that your work will be 100% free of any errors whatsoever however the effort and skill involved in providing the Free Birds Author Services (proofreading and editing) is a 100% High Quality Service, and it is envisaged you will be extremely pleased by my service and will be ready to publish your professional book as a result of my recommendations.

To call and discuss your needs within business hours: 0402 505 210 or email 24/7:

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