SEPTEMBER 2018: Free Angelic Guidance Message For DIY Authors And Self-Publishers

Archangel Gabrielle’s Angelic Guidance for this month, September 2018, for DIY Authors and Self-Publishers is:

Hello and welcome to another reading by Archangel Gabrielle, typed by Joanna Becker.

This month has been a beautiful time of opening eyes to the fresh beginnings in your life that are taking place. Remember to continue focusing on the new – on the present, and on the future.

When you find your thoughts wandering to that which has already passed, mentally affirm to yourself “that is the past, it has passed” . It serves you no purpose to think of, dwell, and reflect on, the past now. You are in the future and it has important lessons and opportunities for you, which are exquisitely important for you in your life.

A reminder – if you focus on what has passed, the past, you will prevent yourself from hearing and seeing the opportunities and lessons that are presenting themselves now, and in the tomorrows that are yet to come. If you wish to breathe in the fullness of life, allow yourself to focus on tomorrow.

And so, this message is exactly the same for your writing ambitions and writing projects at this time. If you continue to revisit the material you have already written, revise, edit, change, at the moment, you will miss the fresh beginnings that are waiting for you to see them. It is not the right week to revise. It is the right week to allow your creativity to flow. So sit with your material, open up to the last page you have written, start a new page, and believe that you have the words ready to flow, because you certainly do.

Do not doubt that a time will come when you can revise and edit. The time will be right when the cycles move to the suitable energy phase. For now, enjoy creativity in its bountiless abundance.

– Archangel Gabrielle –– (via, Joanna Becker) –

Continue reading, as Archangel Gabrielle has shared Angelic Guidance for this crystal: Sapphire

Sapphire! A wonderful crystal! If you have ever been connected to this crystal you will feel the extraordinary new and fresh, surprising, qualities it has radiating out in all its glory for you.

For one, Sapphire is a crystal of purity. For another, it is full of ideas and fresh energy, love and exciting ideas. It is the perfect crystal to have with you this month and for the next few weeks as you allow creativity and new ideas to flow out of your beingness and onto the pages in front of you.

I hope you are excited for the writing you are going to do this month!

I would like you to save what edition of your work you currently have, before you start writing with Sapphire, so you can look again at the “original” file in a few weeks time. You will see just how amazing your work can be with the sapphire crystal in your working space.

Please note! Working with crystals, which are so pure and full of light, will result in work that is pure and full of light. It is not the right crystal to be writing anything that is fear-based unless it has a positive, enlightening, and heartening, finalisation. This crystal – and all crystals to be truly correct – want positive messages radiating out and into the world.

We assume and hope that your work has always the intention of serving humans in moving towards a clearer, focused positive energy. And if you have not yet felt that your work is light-hearted and positively focused, be sure that crystals, ESPECIALLY Sapphire, will deliver you to a sensational improvement in consciousness, through your very own writing and messages.

Let this crystal serve you. It is right there waiting to be of generous service.



– Archangel Gabrielle –– (via, Joanna Becker) –

In the week I officially registered and publicised this service, Free Birds Author Services, Archangel Gabrielle made her presence well known to me. She arrived and committed to assisting both me and my author clients in their particular communication intentions.

© Copyright 2018. Joanna Becker is an Australian author, blogger and healer (communication with spirits) at and Eye For Detail at Free Birds Author Services ( She has authored books on self-healing using internal dialogue with self and spirit, positive affirmations, meditation, and conscientious parenting. In 2018 Joanna Becker will be offering free channeled messages on the topic of self-publishing your books with angelic guidance from Archangel Gabrielle. To benefit from both professional and spiritual guidance for DIY authoring and self-publishing, to access books and tutorials and request free quotations for proofreading and editing of your books, visit

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