AUGUST 2018: Free Angelic Guidance Message For DIY Authors And Self-Publishers

Archangel Gabrielle’s Angelic Guidance for this month, August 2018, for DIY Authors and Self-Publishers is:

Hello and welcome to another reading by Archangel Gabrielle, typed by Joanna Becker.

Breathe into your being this month, for what remains of August. It has been a busy few weeks and you have accomplished more than you realise. And now it’s time to breathe into this knowingness, allow the moon cycles to rhythmically balance your body with the environment, and enjoy being at peace with yourself. As another month draws to a close, reflect on how brilliant you are – because another August of your life has effortlessly rolled along, just like a wave at the ocean rolls in. You will feel much more clarity about your goals for September if you take a few days of rest now as the month draws to a close.

And so this month, I would encourage and urge you to take out a journal, write with your hand in brief sentences only. Avoid writing long, extensive essays or pieces of creative writing. Breathe into your being. And remember to use your to-do list to prioritise what you will do each day, but if possible, change your to-do list to give yourself permission to write less (smaller quantities), and breathe more.

It’s a good time to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, or at least observe the clouds overhead if you have clouds. Spring is almost upon you. The seasons are changing. Don’t let this occur without acknowledging where you are now in the time continuum. Your winter has been productive, but it has also been restful, and a time of deep learning. There have been emotional differences occur, lessons to learn. Your values and priorities have become clearer. What a powerful set of months in your year!

Spring will become bright, busy, exciting, and productive. But first, take just a few days to rest and believe that your whole self matters. It matters a lot. Give yourself this gift.

– Archangel Gabrielle –– (via, Joanna Becker) –

Continue reading, as Archangel Gabrielle has shared Angelic Guidance for this crystal: Peridot

Peridot is an amazing crystal. Not fully understood by many! And so I would like to share with you something brilliant about this crystal that will help you with your writing and aspirations to become a best-selling author – after all, this is the ultimate goal of all writers isn’t it? To reach as many readers as possible, to create an income, to produce a memorable piece of work, to be talked about, and to even have your name exchanged in conversation. Wouldn’t it be wonderful! So this is what peridot can do for you to help you realise this in your lifetime, and even sooner, in the near future.

Your Peridot crystal is a brilliant colour and needs to be worn close to your body. It vibrationally aligns itself with your current vibration, and then it helps you lift your vibration to the essence of the Ommm sound – which is the universal language for attunement to all people around the world. This is where you will find that you can have the most impact.

Not only will your vibration help lift other people and help them feel drawn to you, take an interest in your work and an interest in who you are as a person, but it will help you to see the challenges people face with a distant acknowledging, so you can see how you can help people, without taking their emotions on board, but with an ability to write directly to them to help them.

So when you wear Peridot, allow yourself to “channel” in a way. Believe that you have a gift to help those who are drawn exactly to you. And write freely. Don’t question what you write, don’t underestimate your ability. All creativity comes from a place of truth, no matter what you write, or who is writing it. There are always gifts in every piece of writing. Just trust that your writing is exactly what at least one person is looking for, and allow the Peridot crystal to move the information through your subconscious, towards your conscious mind, and out onto a page.

Let your crystal connect you to a higher realm and even to your own angels. You might like to say a brief prayer before you begin writing over the next few weeks – ask simply, “please help me with my writing goals and aspirations. Bring those people to me that I need to help with my writing work, and allow me to speak in a way that they can understand and relate to their lives and take what they desire to directly improve their life.”

Your life is a wonderful gift to other people. If you ever feel like you are not worthy to write freely, call on your Peridot crystal, along with Purple Amethyst, as they will support you with intuition and loving guidance. You are meant to be in this world.

You are meant to be.



– Archangel Gabrielle –– (via, Joanna Becker) –

In the week I officially registered and publicised this service, Free Birds Author Services, Archangel Gabrielle made her presence well known to me. She arrived and committed to assisting both me and my author clients in their particular communication intentions.

© Copyright 2018. Joanna Becker is an Australian author, blogger and healer (communication with spirits) at and Eye For Detail at Free Birds Author Services ( She has authored books on self-healing using internal dialogue with self and spirit, positive affirmations, meditation, and conscientious parenting. In 2018 Joanna Becker will be offering free channeled messages on the topic of self-publishing your books with angelic guidance from Archangel Gabrielle. To benefit from both professional and spiritual guidance for DIY authoring and self-publishing, to access books and tutorials and request free quotations for proofreading and editing of your books, visit



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