JUNE 2018: Free Angelic Guidance Message For DIY Authors And Self-Publishers

Archangel Gabrielle’s Angelic Guidance for this month, June 2018, for DIY Authors and Self-Publishers is:

Welcome to this month’s angelic reading by Archangel Gabrielle, typed by Joanna Becker.

Let’s begin by saying that we are half way through the year, and wow how the time is flying! We angels even agree that your lives are moving at a faster pace than ever before in history, and that there is more potential for each of you, as well as more challenges – which are of course, learning opportunities.

Do keep in mind that each challenge can be measured in exact proportion to the level of growth you will accomplish, as you face the challenge. This is a great mantra to have over the next few weeks and month, until the next reading.

So with this in mind,  let’s say congratulations on an excellent beginning to the year and making progress towards your dreams and values already. Now is a great time to sit down with a piece of paper and write down what you have actually accomplished – and even if it doesn’t feel like anything in the physical materialistic world, remember that your accomplishments INCLUDE those things that have taught you a lesson – a transformational experience, if you will. So things like experiences at a certain place, encounters with people, changes within relationships, progress in your home and workspace, all of these things count towards lessons and growth for you on a personal level. Keep your writing to a bullet list of approximately one page, let it be light and not too thorough, as the purpose is to recognise that you are in fact wonder-full and you are in fact making progress, even though you can only, at times, see the growing to-do list in front of you!

As for writing over the next week, and for publishing your books, and planning the concept of your upcoming book, give yourself some breathing space to catch up on other tasks that need your fullest attention.

It is half way through the year and it is reasonable to give some attention to your home finances, your family’s needs, planning out the upcoming holidays, and enjoying some rest and rejuvenation in the solstice period. Let yourself be free of burdens, pressures, and commitments, let go of what is no longer serving you, breathe out with full acknowledgement that you are expelling what is old and no longer required to be in your active daily life.

Enjoy some peace and quiet. And with this, you will find, over the next month, will come a new wave of inspiration and influence into your writing work.

And yes, there is ALWAYS time to fulfil your ambitions and dreams, even if you do take a rest.

– Archangel Gabrielle –– (via, Joanna Becker) –

Continue reading, as Archangel Gabrielle has shared Angelic Guidance for this crystal: Pearl

Pearl – isn’t it a beautiful, precious item, which reminds us of the hard-work that others take to fill this world with beauty! Let yourself be mesmerised by the process of sea-divers catching oysters and harvesting pearls. Let yourself remember all the industries around the world who somehow contribute to the evolution of your lifestyles and the beauty in your lives. In this exercise, do not allow yourself to express judgement or criticism to any person or industry in the world. If you do this, you are surely doing it with your own work and writing, and perhaps it is even holding you back from publishing your own work.

So as you think of the pearl this month, and as you look at the pearl, remember that everyone in the world has some small purposes, as well as a greater purpose, and that we all contribute to a world that makes different people happy at different times – just like you do (and as you will do more of in future, too).

Pearl is a clear, bright, light and special presence to have with you.

If you haven’t felt inclined towards carrying it or wearing it over the last month, perhaps ask yourself is there is a reason why you would want to avoid items that are clear, bright, light and honouring the unique talents and special abilities of everyone around the world. Is there a resistance you have to accepting yourself, and others, exactly as they are? Are you caught up in too much social media, news, bad news, judgement, social expectations or criticism? The Pearl is your avenue for walking out of this tunnel and into an expansive cavity of light that is full of possibility – where you are loved exactly as you are, no matter what you do.

So use the pearl as your token friend in being free, walking outside in the open universe of endless possibilities, and dreaming a little, as this is what will release you of doubt and procrastination and propel you into the second half of this year.


– Archangel Gabrielle –– (via, Joanna Becker) –

In the week I officially registered and publicised this service, Free Birds Author Services, Archangel Gabrielle made her presence well known to me. She arrived and committed to assisting both me and my author clients in their particular communication intentions.

© Copyright 2018. Joanna Becker is an Australian author, blogger and healer (communication with spirits) at http://www.joannabecker.com.au and Eye For Detail at Free Birds Author Services (www.freebirdsauthors.com). She has authored books on self-healing using internal dialogue with self and spirit, positive affirmations, meditation, and conscientious parenting. In 2018 Joanna Becker will be offering free channeled messages on the topic of self-publishing your books with angelic guidance from Archangel Gabrielle. To benefit from both professional and spiritual guidance for DIY authoring and self-publishing, to access books and tutorials and request free quotations for proofreading and editing of your books, visit www.freebirdsauthors.com



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