How do I sell my own book?

For many DIY authors and self-publishers, marketing your own work can be daunting, challenging and distracting from what you really love doing (e.g. writing new stories).

But there are ways you can be effective at marketing your own book with a plan that can be repeated over and over, time and time again, as you self-publish more books. They are the sales copy on:

  1. the back cover of your book
  2. pitches to distributors and industry decision makers (i..e, distributors to distributors, and large retail such as department stores)
  3. your book and author description on Amazon or your preferred point-of-sale platform
  4. your website and blogs
  5. your social media profiles
  6. letter submissions to potential reviewers, journalists and publicists, and affiliate marketers
  7. letter submissions to national library catalogues, and distributors to libraries
  8. your book description when you enter competitions
  9. overviews you give to other promoters and event organisers for book launches, guest speaking events and writer’s workshop presentations
  10. free samples you post to prospects such as schools, celebrities and referring businesses

You know your book is great. With consistent sales copy you show others that you stand behind your purpose and can persuade others to love it too, which will give them confidence to include it in their own business.



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