How can I find the money to cover the cost of proofreading, editing and producing my book?

Self-publishing usually requires money up front and can cost between a few hundred dollars (for basic proofreading) to a thousand (for proofreading and editing) to a few thousand (for producing, printing, and buying author copies to distribute).

And finding money to publish your book doesn’t need to happen overnight.

Consider that you will most likely have several months of writing, another month of proofreading and editing and making changes, and then maybe an extra month in making final arrangements and sourcing quotes. This gives you at least 6 months to set aside a little money each week towards your book launch.

In a special savings tin or bank account, set aside an amount you feel you can do without comfortably. I think $20 – $40 per week is a good goal – it can often be found with left-over change from supermarket or shopping change, and this will certainly make it easier to publish when the time comes.

Crowd funding is another successful method of raising funds to produce a great book. Crowd funding is easier if you have already established a community who supports your mission of spreading your message.



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