APRIL 2018: Free Angelic Guidance Message For DIY Authors And Self-Publishers

Archangel Gabrielle’s Angelic Guidance for this month, April 2018, for DIY Authors and Self-Publishers is:

Hello and welcome to another reading by Archangel Gabrielle, typed by Joanna Becker. This month has passed with your priorities in full swing, so much so, that you may have just realised that April is all but over!

Or, did you notice we were in April and that it was a whirlwind month, and you were wondering why the earth seemed to start shaking beneath your feet? If this was you, then acknowledge and understand it was because of the planetary movements, as you have read in other channeled wisdom and guidance from many healers around the world.

And now, the dust has settled, and you are allowed, and encouraged, to find your feet and plant them firmly and continue on your path. Those distractions that you had earlier in the month have passed now. Let them go. It’s time to move forward and remember who you are, and that is NOT the product of other’s expectations or opinions.

You are as you set your intentions. If you focus on your dreams, then that shall be who you become. If you focus on your aspirations to become a writer, then so shall this become.

There are but a few days left in April to gather yourself, find your feet, and remember that you are a writer, that you have important messages to share with the world.

If you have been working on your creative expression during April, and you have passed many milestone goals or even just one, this is because of your dedication and commitment, hard work and focus.

And if you have not, it is also perfect, because you were where you needed to be.

Now, remember to what purpose it is that you are writing your books, and set some notes on paper as to what step you are up to, and what is next. Then go ahead and plan your life according to your writing priorities.

Remember, your highest priorities are the safety, livelihood and health of yourself and your family and closest friends. Then, if writing is the most important project for you right now, go ahead and honour this by sharing with others who you meet that you are busy at the moment writing.

Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch others fulfil their writing dreams while you simply pass the time watching. Get into your projects and make them happen, if this is what you really want.

– Archangel Gabrielle –– (via, Joanna Becker) –

Continue reading, as Archangel Gabrielle has shared Angelic Guidance for this crystal: Diamond 

Diamond is the only crystal you need this month – and as you probably have it in your home or on your body already, you would have felt comfortable this month without any extra crystals in your workspace. Did you notice this month that you already felt complete … and like the angels were around you, and guiding you, and keeping pace with you, and listening to you when you called out for assurance that everything is exactly as it is meant to be?

Let the diamond carry you through the last few days of this month, and open your eyes to new opportunities that come forth, to set the next month into productive and positive movement. 

The diamond should ideally be worn close to your skin, so on your fingers, neck or ears. And remember also to look into the diamond and acknowledge the many cuts and qualities of your stones. Let the power of the crystal speak into your body and connect you with your angels and the God that is within you and around you.

Diamond is full of light, safety, healing, and tuning into your higher potential. If you have felt that April was a strange month, only look at the diamond to remember that you were not alone, that the month was divinely guided, and that all is well in your world. You were supposed to experience all that you did in April – please know this. You are well on your way forward, even if there were times that you felt you had unnecessary distractions.

Diamond will help you finish projects, as you may have found already this month. If you reflect on the month, can you realise that you seamlessly finished something that had been in production for some time and was even a weight on your mind? It is safe to acknowledge that you actually completed more than you recognised.

Diamond will continue to watch your dreams and reflect them to you. Continue wearing it even after this month is complete, and let it work with other crystals to amplify their energy and healing potential.


– Archangel Gabrielle –– (via, Joanna Becker) –

In the week I officially registered and publicised this service, Free Birds Author Services, Archangel Gabrielle made her presence well known to me. She arrived and committed to assisting both me and my author clients in their particular communication intentions.

© Copyright 2018. Joanna Becker is an Australian author, blogger and healer (communication with spirits) at The Real Food Tribe Blog website (www.realfoodtribe.blog) and Eye For Detail at Free Birds Author Services (www.freebirdsauthors.com). She has authored books on self-healing using internal dialogue with self and spirit, positive affirmations, meditation, and conscientious parenting. In 2018 Joanna Becker will be offering free channeled messages on the topic of self-publishing your books with angelic guidance from Archangel Gabrielle. To benefit from both professional and spiritual guidance for DIY authoring and self-publishing, to access books and tutorials and request free quotations for proofreading and editing of your books, visit www.freebirdsauthors.com

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