Children’s Books – The Law of Attraction

Max’s Bright Fly

Max’s Bright Fly by Joanna Becker – is a large format digital colour book that is sure to impress your family. Not only with its brightly illustrated characters and farm setting, but with its messages of finding love in your heart, spreading kindness, and making wishes for your own life and watching your own magic unfold. This is the law of attraction for kids in an easy, readable, and enjoyable format.

If you ever wondered how to teach your children about the Law of Attraction, and how to manifest their dream life starting at a young age, this book is sure to take pride of place in your bookshelf and be a favourite to read at bedtime. Also great for preschools, childcare and playgroups. This is a large-format brightly illustrated children’s picture book, written in rhyme, with plenty of opportunity to engage children and start conversations about their own experiences in life.

Spread the word that children are capable of living empowered lives with this friendly cartoon book.

The second book in The Wonder Series, this book joins Dusty’s Wonder Bug as a favourite for children all around the world. Don’t forget to check out Dusty’s Wonder Bug – Dusty is a little boy who also has an important question for his friend, the Wonder Bug. With Dusty and Max together, you will find your children are able to appreciate the basic laws of the universe that are often overlooked, and which can have a big impact when applied, in both children’s life, and adult life beyond.


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