Self Improvement Novels: Pregnancy & Childbirth

33 Ways To Have A Fun Birth

  • Author: Joanna Becker
  • Publisher: Joanna Becker
  • Proofreader: Free Birds Author Services
  • Editor: Free Birds Author Services
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33 Ways to Have a Fun Birth Cover

A collection of pregnancy and birthing stories written by Australian women, compiled and edited by Joanna Becker, with foreword by Anthea Thomas and Sarah Whyte.

Making an impact on the lives of others with her own experiences and personal insight, Joanna Becker gives coaching, motivation and affirmations. And by sharing an inspiring collection of stories, she helps new mothers nurture their mind, body and spirit. 

Includes 33 unique and personal stories and easy scan chapters, and an introduction by Joanna Becker on a positive holistic mindset to adopt during pregnancy and parenting.

This is a humorous, entertaining, and microscopically detailed account of 33 ways women gave birth. It is sure to complete your pregnancy with intrigue, a bit of curiosity and a sense of calm that you are as unique as each of the women in this book. It is helpful to prepare for pregnancy and parenting by reading stories and hearing experiences from other women.

Every situation is unique, and every woman deserves to feel comfortable with her own birthing experience. No matter what, you can love your pregnancy and birth, share your story with excitement and praise, delve into the unknown with curiosity and peace, and love who arrives at the end of the experience.

This is about preparing for  your birth, not about common misconceptions about what a “natural” birth should be. Live your truth. Empower yourself and set yourself free. PLUS Blank Journal Entries for you to scribe 3 of your own birthing experiences.

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