Self Improvement Novels: Family Life & Parenting

Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food

Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food Ebook Ebook Cover

In “Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food”, come and discover that feeding children healthy food does not have to be stressful, upsetting or laden with failed attempts. Could the simple and fun techniques Joanna Becker discovered and implemented using the Law of Attraction work for you, too?

Making an impact on the lives of others with her own experiences and personal insight, Joanna Becker gives coaching, motivation and affirmations. And by sharing an inspiring collection of stories, she helps new mothers nurture their mind, body and spirit. 

Adopt an awesome mindset and attitude that your kiddies can learn from you, and that changes your health and lifestyle instantly. Nothing’s sweeter than a fresh red apple or crisp cabbage from your own backyard for immunity. Help your kiddies to crave what’s good for them. You’re the hub of your family, so you understand how important it is to create an exciting attitude towards health. I can help you do this today.

In a modern world where colourful packaging and cheap supermarket prices very often equal fake food, conscious parents everywhere worry about children’s confusion on what to eat and their strength to say “no” to exciting, addictive foods that are fun and abundant, yet detrimental to health. How does an awesome parent teach their kiddies to look towards the simple answer that is found in nature?

Join Joanna in this honest and empowering real-life story of HOW to teach children about real food… food that is important, food that grows from a seed, and food that naturally seals itself in outstanding colourful packaging.

You will also discover that making changes towards an ideal life starts with taking a look inside and what you really believe about yourself, your life, and your power to create something that will be amazing for you.

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