Resource Book & How-To Guide: Early Childhood Education

Teacher For A Day – Early Childhood Edition

  • Author: Kelly Quilter
  • Publisher: Kelly Quilter
  • Proofreader: Free Birds Author Services
  • Editor: Free Birds Author Services
  • Buy digital Ebook edition by clicking here.
  • Ships when available in 1-2 days, click here to buy paperback.
  • Book Website & Community:


A full colour resource book packed with advice, strategies and lessons. This book – Teacher For A Day Early Childhood Edition – includes specifically selected activities to educate the children in a fun and engaging way. It covers 12 learning areas including Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Building, Science, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Dramatic Play, Music, Games, Outdoor Activities and Sustainability along with behaviour management tips, an organiser, recommended books, websites and apps, daily plan examples and template and so much more!

Kelly Quilter is a teacher, author, mother to a 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl and wife. She has worked with children for over 15 years as a Nanny and in both Childcare and School settings. She now chooses to do Supply Teaching for the work/life balance.

Writing Teacher For A Day Resource books and creating the Teacher for a Day community has been a wonderful way for Kelly to give back, by helping fellow Supply Teachers enter the classrooms feeling more confident and prepared to face the many situations that casual teaching can throw at them.

The response from her customers has been overwhelming and she hopes to get this book into the hands of more Supply Teachers to rid the anxiety that plagues people in this job. Kelly wants to help you be prepared for whether you have 5 minutes to fill or a whole day to plan, whether you are filling in as the Music teacher or for a subject way out of your depth. This stuff really happens and the best way to be on your game is to have some tricks up your sleeve and be prepared.

Buy your digital Ebook edition for Kindle directly from Teacher For A Day by clicking here.

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