Children’s Books – Healthy Eating

Dusty’s Wonder Bug


We live in a time when statistics indicate that for the first time in history children may not outlive their parents due to inadequate nutrition. It is essential we help spread the exciting news that fresh whole food is what our bodies need.​

Some people say they have caught the travel bug – but not the children sharing in the fun of Dusty’s Wonder Bug! Along with author Joanna Becker and her sons, they have caught the wonder bug and are thoroughly immersed in the magic of watching what happens in nature. He may be small and illustrated, but this little boy Dusty and his cute Wonder Bug friend are capturing the hearts and imaginations of children all over. This real-food magical adventure is just beginning.

What grows in nature is perfect for the family, for the party, for school, and for every day. In these children’s books and educator resources we re-define “treats” as food that grows in nature. Children and their parents are enthusiastically spreading this favourite message – the best treats to eat everyday are real fruit and vegetables in nature plus fresh seafood, eggs and honey, and to give thanks for all food.

It is recommended that children eat between 8-14 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Are your children able to receive the nutrition they need to help them grow strong, positive and focused? Do they know how amazing nature is? Meet Dusty and the Wonder Bug! This illustrated story and complementary educator’s play resources encourage bright enthusiasm for discovering and eating food grown outdoors.

This book is a large-format bright paperback (20 double pages) and includes a Read-Along CD.

Joanna Becker writes books for children to improve their health and understanding of life, but unlike a lot of kids’ books where the parent can understand the moral of the story, and the main message sort of goes over the kids’ heads, Joanna makes it easy for kids with Q and A’s, bright illustrations and interaction. One is called Dusty’s Wonder Bug, and another is Max’s Bright Fly.

Are you a Relief Teacher? Dusty’s Wonder Bug is featured in Kelly Quilter’s Teacher For A Day. As an Australian Relief (Supply) Teacher and author, Kelly Quilter loves to take Dusty’s Wonder Bug into the classroom. Grab a copy of her book along full of Relief Teacher techniques, for all her awesome activities … and you too can have an easy, fun day at work.

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