Free Birds Author Services offers book editing, book proofreading, book marketing and book income-creation services for Australian authors and DIY self-publishers.

Are you a new emerging author? Do you have aspirations to become a bestselling author? If so, Free Birds Author Services is here to support your DIY or freelance ambitions.

When you become an author for the first time, you should have a plan for how to finance the start-up phase of your book, as well as a well-thought-out marketing/distribution plan to create book sales so the book can help repay you for your efforts.

Some authors and DIY self-publishers write and produce books as a hobby with no real plan on covering costs, other than to fund their expenses with their day job (or other business).

For many other authors, it is imperative that there is additional funding available. Otherwise the book will never, ever be finished and the message will never reach the audience.

Why book proofreading, book editing, book marketing, and book income-creation services?

As with any marketing brand for any business, your book is a reflection of your offering and service to the world or your target market, as limited or expansive as it may be.

Book proofreading is essential to guarantee your brand’s word of mouth and that your readers return to you time and time again for your new books as they are released. 80% of your long-term sales will come from 20% of your customers. The Creative aspect of your book, which includes cover design, typesetting, language, colour and visual elements, are all there to deliver the key message, and are all made more effective with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. The Creative aspect of your book alone contributes 33% to the marketing mix to produce your sales-revenue.

Book Editing is integral to the readability and effectiveness of your key message that you wish to share. Ensuring the best organisation of content, profiling of characters, setting and plot, language, voice and sequencing of events are apart of editing a book and delivering this key message. The Key Message must be memorable and impactful. Imagine the impact of not delivering the key message because of poor editing? The key message contributes 33% to the marketing mix to produce your sales-revenue.

Book Marketing includes identifying your target market, your sales channels (i.e., SEO, SEM, retail POS, etc), creating an effective brand for yourself as an author and your book, creating a sales message, writing sales copy and creating supporting visual elements, having effective time-frames and goals and delivering what is promised when promised to the right people. The audience, and the way the book is delivered to the audience, contributes the final 33% to the marketing mix to produce your sales-revenue.

Income-Creation is essential to your ability to launch your book and will provide the finance. Just like the start-up phase of any product or business service, you need a plan or method in place to support the production, marketing and distribution of your book. Unlike authors with a publishing contract, DIY self-publishers need independent funding to get their book off the ground BEFORE the book is ready to launch. Production includes the actual printing of the book and its components; Marketing involves the costs of delivering your sales messages to your target market, building a reputation and customer loyalty; Distribution covers the costs involved in delivering to customers (some expenses must be paid for before the sale).

Free Birds Author Services can assist with all 4 of these important facets of your book launch because without any one of these, your book may not reach its potential in the near or distant future. It’s never too late to finish a book you have been working on, by following our proven formulas and step-by-step systems.

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