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Enchantment is Here.

Thank you for popping into Free Birds Author Services: professional proofreading and editing for DIY authors and self-publishers.

Creativity is the essential nutrient in our life.

You are like the bird that soars over the planet observing, engaging when curious, taking flight when the weather changes or interests or needs transpire, and nurturing your home and family nest with instinctual prowess and passion.

Free Birds Author Services, is created to be your home for releasing your work with the ease and grace that you know you ARE. It is the place for you to be your true child-like self, and also an empowered grown-up and limitless being full of potential and possibilities.

We allow you to be the very normal nature of yourself, the highs and lows, as well as the spiritual expression and manifestation of all your desires.

Come in, involve yourself with our titles and authors, rest a while and enjoy what is here for you to browse, and allow us to assist you to self-publish your work with detailed eye services. You will be valued, and embraced, for as little or as long as you relax and enjoy being in our store.

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